Pests can be a major problem for property owners in the Raleigh, Charlotte, and surrounding North Carolina areas.. While several types of insects are common invaders, other animals also create problems. As the human population grows and more wooded areas are cleared to build homes and businesses, those creatures are increasingly taking up residence around humans. As such, people in the area find that squirrels, raccoons, bats, snakes, opossums, and other animals are causing a great deal of damage to their property and posing certain health risks for their families and pets.

Keeping Pests Under Control without Negative Repercussions

North Carolina is full of wildlife. From cute or majestic animals people enjoy watching to pests no one really wants to think about, numerous creatures make their homes in the state. Those creatures are all important components of the local ecosystem, but when they invade homes and businesses, they certainly cause plenty of problems. Several options are available for taking care of problematic wildlife, but some do more harm than good in the long run. Humane pest control services offer the best of both worlds, getting wildlife off of people’s properties without causing undue damage along the way.

Why Does Wildlife End up On People’s Property?

Wildlife makes its way to people’s properties for many reasons. As mentioned, animals’ natural habitats are dwindling. Though many parts of North Carolina seem to have plentiful trees and open spaces, there’s just not enough undeveloped land left to sustain all the animals that call the state home. Since they have nowhere else to go, they’re moving in with humans.

At the same time, local wildlife ventures into human territory in search of food and water. When animals can’t find what they need on their home turf, they’ll simply look elsewhere. Trash cans, pets’ food and water bowls, gardens, and other sources of food and drink are readily available around homes and businesses, making them a welcoming spot for animals to visit. Wood piles, storage sheds, attics, and similar areas offer potential shelter as well, which makes some properties even more attractive to pests.

Why Consider Humane Wildlife Control Measures?

Several methods have been developed for getting rid of wildlife. Many of them involve killing the animals and harming the environment. Some strategies can even cause damage to one’s properties. Though those solutions take care of the immediate problems, they also create their own share of issues in the process. Because of that, they’re not necessarily the best answers. Humane wildlife removal services are generally the better option for home and business owners across North Carolina and the planet as a whole.

Numerous reports show that populations of animals are declining around the world. In fact, some accounts indicate that people have eliminated as much as 70 percent of reptiles, birds, and other wildlife just over the last 50 years. While this is a global issue with many factors involved, inhumane methods of wildlife removal have certainly contributed to the problem. Without more environmentally friendly and sustainable pest control measures, the issue is only going to grow worse.

Each animal in the local ecosystem plays a part in maintaining balance. Some help keep insect and snake populations under control while others aid in spreading seeds and other organic matter to foster plant growth. Certain types of animals attract other beneficial creatures to an area whereas others discourage more harmful types of animals from moving in. All of them are part of an intricate system that helps sustain all life on Earth. Harming animals when they invade people’s homes and properties causes extensive problems in the long run.

Keep in mind that harming or killing an offending animal doesn’t necessarily solve a pest invasion. It gets rid of the wildlife that’s causing problems at the moment but doesn’t prevent other animals from entering the mix. Humane residential pest control focuses on eliminating the problem creatures while also keeping such invasions at bay in the future. At the same time, humane pest removal services include cleaning up after getting rid of the problematic animals. That means eliminating the parasites and other potential dangers they may have left behind.

Taking Care of Pests the Humane Way

Sustainable Pest Systems offers a full range of wildlife control and removal services. We’re dedicated to helping people in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte and the surrounding communities keep their homes and businesses free of pests. Our knowledgeable and fully-trained staff members place the highest emphasis on environmentally friendly, customer-focused services and providing guaranteed results for our clients.